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Business Owner Insurance

Protect your company with Buy-Sell Agreements and Key Man coverage. Fund these agreements with Life & Disability Insurance so if that day comes when you have to use these plans, you will have the funds to do so.

Buy Sell Agreements – This is an agreement between business owners to facilitate the sale of one or more of the owners portion of the business to his/her partners. This allows the business owners to keep the business in the owners hands instead transferring their share to the deceased’s family members. In order to transfer their share to the living owners and pay the family of the deceased owner their share, life insurance is the perfect vehicle to facilitate that.

Key Man Insurance – This coverage is needed to protect the company from an premature departure of an important employee to the firm. There are two types of Life insurance that work for this type of coverage Term and Permanent. But only permanent, Whole or Universal Life insurance can protect your firm and provide additional retirement security for your employee.

Disability coverage is also available to protect your employee if they are not able to work due to an accident or injury.

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